All our Domestic Appliance Engineers are well trained and experienced and come fully insured. All our repairs are guaranteed for 90 days. You have the choice of which day you wish our engineers to attend your appliance as well as choosing an AM or PM appointment. You decide also which appliance repair suits you best, Fixed price repair or Labour only repair. Not many company's give you this much choice on how and when to have your appliance fixed but here at Local Appliance Repairs we understand that not every customer is the same.

We Repair The Following Appliance Types:

Cooker & Oven Repair

We cover a full range of gas and electric cookers and will get your cooker safe and fully working by dinnertime.

Dishwasher Repair

Whether a plumbing disaster or a dishwasher that simply won’t clean, we can fix it.

Extractor Fan Repair

Clogged up filters and damaged fans can make for inefficient, noisy extractors. Get it repaired today.

Fridge & Freezer Repair

From broken thermostats to cracked condensers, our repairs breathe chilly life back into your cold storage.

Microwave Oven Repair

Keeping your oven safe is a prime consideration – we will get it safely up and working without delay.

Tumble Dryer Repair

Fan belts, broken capacitors, grinding drive shafts – whatever is stopping your tumble dryer from spinning efficiently will be resolved.

Washing Machine Repair

No broken appliance causes backlog as much as a damaged washing machine. We’ll get your clothes clean again with no fuss.

Hob Repair

Experts in gas, ceramic and induction hobs, we offer on-site repairs to get you back on the boil without delay.